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Vasilis Papoutsakis

Back-end Developer

Hello world!

I am Vasilis and my “magic” is back-end developing.

I study Computer Engineering & Informatics at University of Patras and I'm particularly interested in software programming, web technologies, security (mostly web) and high performance systems.

I like Open Source as a philosophy and here is where Drupal comes! Drupal is a truly open source CMS – Framework with a very supportive community. I like using it to code and I really enjoy it when I'm given the opportunity to give back my code to the community.

Another thing I enjoy is puzzle-solving, and I'm glad back-end development often requires some.
When I have the chance (and free time), I also like to challenge myself with a “capture the flag” web security challenges & puzzles.

When not online, you can find me hanging out with friends, reading some epic fantasy books or playing games in fantasy worlds...


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