The Team

We all work in eresusland!

Revecca Pedi


My job title is Copywriter which means that I develop concepts and ideas and I work for a wide variety of communication projects. 
I write down everything, I’m curious and I always want to see things moving forward. 
My studies are in Economics, Politics and International Relations, but since my 21 when I'm not at the University I'm working for a communication project. It's nice to get paid for doing what you love. 
Having worked on my Phd has taught me that an original idea and careful research are the most important parts of the business. This is the way I approach every project; first, extensive research on the client, the sector and the market, then brainwashing and brainstorming to come up with a really good idea. 
I got my job after running an exhausting new media campaign. 
I love the web 2.0 era because it's all about sharing. It has changed everything. 
Working with the eresus team is an amazing experience. It's fantastic to work with creative people who want to be proud of what they do. 
Other than that, I enjoy fashion, traveling, cooking and having long chatting hours. Also, my iPod works overtime while I browse the internet looking up topics and exploring ideas and trends.