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Nektarios Sylligardakis

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“Let’s take a step back”. This is my favourite motto when we are working on a project. I love to look at our projects from a distance, to wear our clients’ shoes or those of our products users. Does the solution serve the purpose of the project? What is its social media effect? How does it work with google? What is its computer cost? Is our message well and clearly delivered? Does the solution offer the best user experience, we could have? These are usual questions that our team expects from me everyday and, believe me, each of them has left us sleepless for many nights. 
My background in teaching electronics serves me well in developing but also in the information architecture. I always think as a teacher who wants the information to be well transfered and digested. My postgraduate studies in ‘Counseling Psychology in Schools’ helped me understand the importance of human relations and how some little changes can make a big difference. That’s why in every eresus project our aim is to build viable relationships between us and our clients and between our clients and their target groups. 
I think that our big difference is that we don’t simply create websites, campaigns or applications. We care about concepts. 
We do conceptual web which means that we spend much time to find the best way to build our clients’ identity on the web.
We work closely with our clients. We look carefully at the content and the structure. We pay attention to side-effects. There’s no rest until we find a concept we really like.
A drupal lover, passionate with conceptual web and happy to spend as much time and effort as needed to discuss concepts, solutions, ideas, I am always at your disposal. 

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