The Team

We all work in eresusland!

John Maravelakis

Art Director

Always inspired by little things. Those things that make the difference. Details. For me, design is to express this desire that I feel, finding my way to create new things.

Always trying to discover and apply new ideas, new technologies in my projects. Reassurance is not an option, but trying harder for something different and unique is.

And that's why I love the web. Because not a single day is the same as the previous one. Everything is so fluid, but simultaneously gives you the chance to create bigger and innovative ideas. But with a sense of commitment to the many limitations the web has. Trying to figure out my way in this vast coded world.

New software, new design concepts, new coding technics which can be implemented in a new project, is what I like to achieve.

The next step is Generative Art and Generative Coding.

Studied Graphic and Web Design.

Gained experience working as a freelancer (web,print,video) and as an art director in advertisement.

Love Pixels!!!

Worked on these Projects