The Team

We all work in eresusland!

Dimitra Themeli

Art Director

I am Dimitra. I’m not from another planet.
I live in Athens. I do not live in an apartment.
I do design. I do not paint.
I love web. I do not love print anymore.
I believe that every creation should have a concept. I do not believe in 30 minute power naps.
I enjoy writing css. I do not enjoy committing to GIT.
I do copy smart quotes on my notebook. I do not copy others designs.
I leave my desk, every hour, for a smoke. I do not leave unfinished tasks for the next day.
I can find interest in small unimportant things. I cannot find inspiration every time it is needed.
I think we should not work for money. I do not think I could enjoy life without work.
I give a part of myself to every project I work for. I do not give up easily.
I change my desktop theme every two months. I never change the color of my hair.
I think every person is unique. I do not think that they know it.
I’m afraid of airplanes. I’m not afraid of loneliness.
I care about what is important to other people. I do not really care about theories or rules.
I know that I could make this list long. I do not know how long… :p