The Team

We all work in eresusland!

Alexis Panagopoulos

Back-end developer

Hello, my name is Alexis Panagopoulos (apanag) and I love to “code your ideas” and convert them into something revolutionary. As a back-end developer my responsibility is to develop technical solutions that simply work and leverage new solutions and methodologies.

I “live” in the back-end trying to optimize your site’s performance and I promise to be there, in the case your site gets smashed. My favorite days are when I have to analyze why the same query ran twice, while trying to reduce load time below 0.9 sec (...1 sec is too slow...). It’s like running a 100m sprint race.

At a normal day at work I try to push Drupal to its limits, getting my hands dirty with CSS, HTML or Javascript and committing in the Git repositories, while scheduling next steps with clients or brainstorming with our team for new ideas.

If I‘m not online, you can find me at the nearest basketball court or in a bookstore reading some fiction...