Vakalis is a renowned private tutorial school which prepares students for the national exams. It has more than four decades of history and it is one of the largest organizations of its kind, having four different branches in Thessaloniki, more than fifty teachers for all subjects and hundreds of students.

When they came to us, they already knew what they needed. They had a website but they felt that they didn’t exploit all the opportunities the web could give. They wanted a new, modern website and additionally they wanted to make the most out of it.

Our work on this project started with an extensive research into the existing website. It had useful tools, a very good archive of past exams topics etc but in terms of appearance and content it was outdated and confusing. We visited Vakalis HQs and talked with the staff. We wanted to learn as much as we could about the way they were working. Vakalis tutorial school is a well organized and pioneering community where students not only learn what they have to, but also have a great amount of support to their efforts. Thus our purpose was to bring the inside out. We’ve found our concept: a social school on the web. We changed the information structure and we rewrote all the texts for two reasons: first for making the navigation process easier and the information well digested and second for SEO purposes. We accentuated school’s achievements by adding a new tab for them and also by adding students’ pictures and testimonials, we emphasized school’s 4 decades of experience by writing it on the logo and we used the bottom to highlight the fact that there are four different branches, each one for a different corner of the city. To support our concept we brought the teachers on the forefront. There’s a photo and a short personal statement for every teacher. We believed that it was important for both parents and students to know the teachers of the school. What is more every teacher has his/her own account on the blog. We gave special attention to the blog as a means of direct communication and we offered consultation on how to write blog posts. The blog is used as the school’s blackboard on the web. Students can find there exercises, posts by the school’s psychologist, advice about their nutrition during the exams, puzzles etc. We also added a news section from where students can get important information about the dates, the process, the rules of the forthcoming exams and also about mock exams in the school etc. A Facebook widget was added to direct visitors to the school’s page on Facebook.

Worked for this Project