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CES is one of the leading political think tanks in Europe and an association of the European People’s Party. With hundreds of publications, events and initiatives every year, the need for a new and functional website became alarming as the organization reached its 5th year of existence.

The ever increasing content, the unorganized structure, the need for search engine-friendly technologies and the demand for a fresh design were the four challenges that we based this project on. Beyond the essentials of the project we wanted to add a new approach to the web presence of the organization, take advantage of its strong points of the real world and transform into impact to the digital world.

The first stage was the designing of the wireframes. The challenge here was to reorganize a very chaotic structure of information, create new content types, present a completely new functionality and present early on to the client, how the new structure communicates the best out of their organization. We created 5 main content types: Publication, Event, Blog, Profile page, Member Foundation. Taking into account the workflow of CES in their everyday operations and their strategic approach, we decided to assign publications, events and blogs to users and member foundations and vice versa. One example is that an event page could be related to the organizing member foundation or the presented publication, include blogposts about it while all the event speakers were also users. On the profile page of the user, the event would appear in the “recently attended” section. This way we created a very interconnected structure, filling the website with links that also helped boosting SEO. We also gave a new dimension to the CES community of authors and speakers adding activity to their digital presence. The result today, is their CES pages having higher SEO ranking than their own websites! In order to avoid a heavy user experience we used big white spaces and full width single color spaces to arrange the content. We used minimal typography and loads of CSS, HTML 5, Javascript to create a very energetic environment with animations on hover and other fun elements. The final result is a website full of content, easy to find, well categorized with the most modern design approach that you have seen on a political think tank.

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