TEDxThessaloniki brings the TED experience to Thessaloniki maintaining the non-profit nature and the innovative spirit of TED. The first event was held in 2010 and since then TEDxThessaloniki has brought leading thinkers and practitioners to Greece, formed a community of thousands TEDxSters, whose main trait is their passion for change, and contributed a series of interesting and inspiring stories to the TEDx project. TEDx Thessaloniki is organized by a team of approximately 25 volunteers along with an additional number of volunteers contributing on the day of the conference.

As there’s a new TEDxThessaloniki event every year they needed a website that could host all the different conferences, the speakers, the talks, the news releases etc. Apart from that information about TED, TEDx, TEDxThessaloniki, tickets, sponsors should be provided. Additionally, TEDxThessaloniki team wanted to provide with the latest news on the event, TEDxcommunity TED etc.

TEDxThessaloniki seems a simple project but it is a rather demanding one. We had to create a clear structure in order for the information to be easily found and accessible, and also to be sure that the navigation process would be pleasant. We adopted a babushka concept. Thus we created a website where the visitor can find all the information (topic, speakers, talks) about every single conference into a separate page. We used the landing page as a page for the current event and also to highlight TEDxThessaloniki’s presence on social media, team’s blog, testimonials from the press etc. Additionally, given the importance that the TEDx talks have for the visitors we took care that visitors who wish to find talks from TEDxThessaloniki’s previous conferences could make it in no time. TEDxThessaloniki is an inspiring initiative and we believe that we managed to create an inspiring website which is bright, clear, friendly and simple.

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