TEDxAthens Challenge

TEDxAthens Challenge

TEDxAthens Challenge is a contest held under the auspices of the TEDxAthens with the purpose to introduce and promote a worthy initiative. The project which runs in parallel with the TEDxAthens event was launched in 2011 and the plan is that it will be continued in the future, highlighting every year a diferrent area of interest.

The need was for a site where the TEDxAthens community could view, discuss and vote for the different initiatives. The challenge.tedxathens.com would be the only means where the initiatives were to be presented. At first the content of challenge.tedxathens.com would be very specific and relatively limited. According to the plan three months after challenge.tedxathens.com launch, all the submitted ideas would be presented on the site and afterwards the public would have the opportunity to vote for the top 10, in order for the first phase of the contest to be completed.

We created the challenge.tedxathens.com having in mind this year’s area of interest, which was education, but also the fact that we need a platform which will be changing every year, keeping at the same time its main features. To visualize the meaning of the theme we used the symbol of the bulb. This symbol will be replaced every year to reflect each year’s theme. We also added the symbol of the owl to emphasize the importance that the concept of the “idea” has. We had to go with the TED colors white, black, red and we chose to enrich our color palette with shades of beige in the background in order to create some contrast and also with yellow, blue and green, to give a calmer and more youthful result, to highlight every single idea. We were thinking that the navigation experience should be unique. We wanted the users to find something different on this website. So we took a non-conventional approach. We created a one page site and used javascript to navigate from the menu. The success exceeded our expectations and we were all delighted with the result: 153 ideas, vivid dialogues with hundreds of comments, and finally 13.000 votes.