The website swapp.gr is an exchange platform for goods that are freely acquired by inidviduals. The project was created by OgivlyOne for NESCAFÉ Frappé. The purpose is for anyone who owns an object he does not need any longer, to exchange it, so as for every object to find an owner that actually needs it.

The first challenge was to transform the whole concept of free object trade into a web mechanism. We therefore create two content types: The item and the candidate. These content types had to get connected with a “many-to-many” relationship. This means that one object could be exchanged with many and that it could belong to more than one candidates.

The eresus team was responsible for the programming part of the application. The platform was set on Drupal 7 and the aforementioned 2 content types were created. In order to achieve the “many-to-many” interconnection we used the entity reference module, through which, we connected the “item” to the “candidate” content type. Finally, using “rules”, we created a suitable structure so as for every user action to be followed by an email to the relevant users.

Swapp.gr kickstarted rather impressively, with more than 9.000 unique objects to trade during in the first 20 days. If you seek to exchange something that you do not need any longer, whether it is a gadget, a book or even clothes, swapp.gr is your best choice!

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