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European Political Newspaper

New Europe is a European Political Newspaper, with 19 years of history, that publishes and debates everything about EU politics and European issues. Striving to develop and create a unified content platform, that aims to give everyone the option to express their opinion.

Centre for European Studies

CES is one of the leading political think tanks in Europe and an association of the European People’s Party.

An online exchange platform by NESCAFÉ Frappé

The website is an exchange platform for goods that are freely acquired by inidviduals.

How we managed to double iefimerida's visitors

The website is one of the most popular news sites in Greece with thousands of daily visitors and a very heavy flow of news updates.


Medecins sans frontieres - Doctors without borders

MSF (Medecins sans frontieres - Doctors without borders) are an international, independent, sanitary medical organization, providing help to people in urgent need, particularly after war riots, epidemic crisis, natural disasters or other extraordinary situations.

The authentic hammam experience in the center of Athens

Hammam baths is a simple but modern space located at the city centre whose aim is to offer an authentic hammam experience, to give a refreshing feeling and restore the culture of hammam, which was an integral part of everyday life centuries ago.

The most southern diving center in Europe

Notos Mare is a diving School on the sheltered southern coast of Crete and a fully equipped, PADI certified center.

Ideas worth spreading

TEDxThessaloniki brings the TED experience to Thessaloniki maintaining the non-profit nature and the innovative spirit of TED.

TEDxAthens presents unique ideas

TEDxAthens Challenge is a contest held under the auspices of the TEDxAthens with the purpose to introduce and promote a worthy initiative.

A famous Greek singer and composer

Cristos Dantis is a famous Greek singer and composer who needed a new website for a specific purpose, that is to promote a special initiative.