Projects on Design

Everything that we make has our love and... a concept!
A famous Greek singer and composer

Cristos Dantis is a famous Greek singer and composer who needed a new website for a specific purpose, that is to promote a special initiative.

In Thessaloniki, since 1967

Vakalis is a renowned private tutorial school which prepares students for the national exams.

Web community for interior design and home decorating

Solebich is a German web community for interior design and home decorating. It is a dynamic magazine-like project which interacts with users. Visitors can find here photos, tips, articles, decorating suggestions and they can upload their stuff too.

The Youth of the European People's Party

YEPP is the youth organisation of the European People's Party. It brings together 57 Centre-Right youth political organisations from 39 countries all over Europe.

Gifts without borders, for those who need them

MSF Greece is the Greek Section of Medecins Sans Frontieres wich initiated its action in 1990 and counts more than 136.000 supporters in Greece.