Romani rent a car

Romani rent a car

Romani Rent a Car is one of the most experienced car rental companies in Santorini, having provided thousands of tourists with the best services for more than 20 years.

As it happens with many of our clients Romani Rent a Car already had a website, but they felt they needed a new one, much more focused on the online booking. It should be more modern in design, more functional in use, offering a better user experience in order to motivate visitors to book a vehicle.

Our approach was driven by both our client᾽s identity and needs and also its clients expectations. We wanted to show that Romani Rent a Car has a vast amount of experience and knowledge, offers a safe fleet of vehicles, high quality, value for money services, and helps its potential clients to enjoy their holidays on the island of Santorini. For both parts safety, trust, and abundance of information were important. Thus, we took in consideration the offline experience, an actual visit to a rent a car shop, in order to create an online environment which would offer the best possible virtual visit. The menu is focused on the fleet. The booking engine is clear, easy to use, and in combination with the slideshow above and the services below give to the user all the available options from the very first minutes of his or her visit on the website. In the remaining space we wanted to highlight what makes Romani special. It’s a trustful, friendly, and available 24/7 agency. We paid attention to the safety issue and also to what can make a great difference to someone’s holiday anywhere: information about places, tours, beaches etc. Actually, the visitor experiences an online visit which is very close to the chats all of us have with a rent a car agent. We also took in consideration SEO and the fact that people visiting the website are in a stage of preparation of their holidays, so they are, or they want to be, excited. In terms of design we used blue and white, as the representative colours of the sea and Greek islands, red to highlight the important information and big pictures of the island of Santorini which gives the visitor a real sense of his/her forthcoming holidays. The eresus team worked on the project and dealt with the design and the copywriting.

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