MSF gifts

MSF gifts

MSF Greece is the Greek Section of Medecins Sans Frontieres wich initiated its action in 1990 and counts more than 136.000 supporters in Greece.

They wanted a website from where people could buy virtual gifts for their friends. All proceeds would go to MSF, while the person for whom the virtual gift was bought would be informed by an e-card.

We liked the idea and believed in it. We created a website from where you can choose as many virtual gifts as you want, ranging from 5 to 200 euros. You can buy gifts for you, your friends, for Christmas Season or for special occasions, ie birthdays, weddings etc. When we started working on it, though, we were discussing about its social effect. We were seeking for ways to maximize the social impact of every single buy. Thus we added a Facebook app which gives the option to buy a gift for a friend from Facebook and then post your activity and the e-card on your friend’s wall. What was more important for this part of the project is that we created a mechanism which allows users to invite their friends to their MSF fundraising campaign. Everyone can create a campaign, give a description of the campaign’s purposes, upload pictures and also set a goal, ie 600 euros. To increase the effect of this tool we added a second Facebook app which allows users to add their campaign on Facebook pages whose they are administrators with only two clicks. What we’ve done is to give users the option to initiate their small campaigns which can run along with the main campaign, and thus multiply the social effect of the later.

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