Desktop is one of the first “health search engines” in Greece. But it is not just a search engine. You can book an appointment with the doctor of your preference online no matter the time or the location.

The eresus team dealt with wireframes and design while development was done by third party colleagues in aspx. The basic need was a fast, user friendly search engine, easy to use even for clients older than the internet generation.

A Logotype was the first challenge for our design team. The magnifying glass looking for the red cross was the perfect concept, in our opinion, to express the “doctor search engine”. The homepage was designed around this logo. A big blue header area with the 3 basic steps of the search process is covering most of the screen above the fold. The goal was for the visitor to be able to search fast and simple only seconds after his homepage loads. Clearly, this website’s main purpose is to be a search engine. We therefore focused on the result page of the search, which also functions as an advanced search page. A clean template, with simple steps was again our choice. In the overall design, despite the wide use of a blue, representing health and smoothness, we achieved a rather warm result by using shadows and highlights in many side-elements and areas. The same patterns are followed throughout the entire website so as for the visitor to feel familiar with the environment and stay as long as possible on the website.

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