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Nginx is more than a web server

If you are managing a medium/high traffic Drupal server, then you must already be familiar with terms such as caching, Varnish, Nginx and php-fpm.

When you ask in Drupal forums and discussions for HTTP Caching/Accelerators the first answer you will get is Varnish.

While Varnish is excellent and probably the most feature-rich reverse proxy around, it would not integrate well with our existing server setup.

Digitized Athens 2013
What inspired us most

It’s not very often that something interesting happens in the sunny Athens, especially something about the digital world. But when it happens it makes you think. And think a lot.

About a month ago the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens hosted Digitized, a conference about everything digital. People from all over the world join Digitized to share their knowledge in 30 minutes sessions with anyone willing to listen to them.

Connect with the machine-readable web

Let’s say, we have a shop with a Drupal website showing its products’ detailed info. And we want to make a mobile application which can easily interact with drupal with full CRUD functionality. For example, we want customers be able to view products’ details and search for products and to be possible for the shop’s staff to update the details of a product.

What we need is to extend Drupal to receive and send data in machine readable format so it would be easier for the app developer to make the app. So we need to make Drupal support a webservice!

Login / Reset your Drupal account with Drush
Save your Friday

There are those Friday mornings, that your day starts when you receive a call from a very desperate client because she doesn’t remember what her Drupal password is and of course she doesn’t know what her username or email. OK nothing to worry about, you (think you) possess the admin credentials and you are 3-4 clicks away from resetting her password. But somehow the development team forget to sent you or write down the administrator password. So, you are in the bad position not only to unlock the admin account, but to ultimate help the client before ruining your morning.