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How to properly filter data on your code to avoid XSS on Drupal

So… you need to write some code, in which you collect data from somewhere (user’s input, database data or an external source of some kind etc..) and display them to your Drupal website in HTML output (for example in a custom block or page).

Setup Sass on Drupal
Setup Sass on Drupal

As you may already know, Drupal on it’s own is one of the most modular open source CMS/Framework you can use, to build a website.

O'reilly Book - High Performance Drupal
Does Drupal Scale?

A common question among all members who use and employ the Drupal CMS for their www needs, is "Does Drupal scales"? And if the answer is affirmative, "How does it scale?"

Nginx is more than a web server

If you are managing a medium/high traffic Drupal server, then you must already be familiar with terms such as caching, Varnish, Nginx and php-fpm.

When you ask in Drupal forums and discussions for HTTP Caching/Accelerators the first answer you will get is Varnish.

While Varnish is excellent and probably the most feature-rich reverse proxy around, it would not integrate well with our existing server setup.