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BodyTalk Get Real

Facebook campaign

The BODYTALK campaign “Get Real” was launched last October, in order to associate its new clothing line with its fans. Fans, who love to wear BODYTALK’s clothes and have been following them for years.

To achieve such a goal, we propose a Facebook project, in which “real people”, not professional models, should be involved in the creation of BODYTALK’s Spring/Autumn 2013 catalogue through a five-phase campaign.

During the first phase, the fans were invited to upload their photos in order to participate in the casting for the new catalogue. The fans’ reaction was more than enthusiastic, resulting in over 800 participations. They uploaded their images and answered a few questions. That was, when the project began to become real.

BODYTALK facebook campaign

The second phase was the selection of the first candidates by the creative team of BODYTALK. The casting took place in BODYTALK’s store at The Mall Athens, where 134 chosen candidates went through the casting process by the professional team. The great atmosphere and overall joy overcame the barriers of The Mall Athens, and even reached the friends’ candidates, through their Wall posts.

At the end of the selection, fifteen (15) fans were picked to take part in the next phase, the Photo Shooting. During it, the eight (8) final fans were selected to represent the new line.

BODYTALK facebook campaign

The project was near its end and only one thing was missing. Who would be BODYTALKs’s new face for the new line? Our suggestion was that this “task” should be given to BODYTALK’s Facebook fans. After all, it was their line and they should be the ones to choose the person that would represent them best. The fans voted and the lucky winner was chosen.

During those 2 months that the campaign lasted, we managed to conceive significant attention and the number of BODYTALK’s Facebook fans were increased with more than 30.000 friends. The communication with the people was constant throughout the duration of the competition. The fans loved the fact that they could participate in a campaign for a product that they knew and appreciate. In addition, the professional coverage of the whole project made them feel secure about the result.

The result was that a large amount of fans got into the new products through a totally interactive process, which made the whole coverage via Facebook quite successful.

However, in eresus we like to continuously improve ourselves in order to provide even better solutions, communication services and products to our clients. That is why although the outcome of this project was successful, one thing that maybe we should have changed was during the first phase, to let the fans like the candidates and the 200 fans with the more likes to continue in the second phase of the campaign. This would have definitely increased the social impact of the campaign.