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Tons of front end frameworks lying around the web for quite some time now, and the number is growing while we talk. Twitter bootstrap, Foundation, Pure by Yahoo, to name some famous ones. They suppose to boost your development, having all goodies that a modern front end developer needs, ready for use. From grid systems and carousels, to tables, forms and buttons. They are all there! Think about it though, do you really need all that modules? I mean, in all of your projects? And if so, didn’t you ever wanted something more customized to your needs?

How to properly filter data on your code to avoid XSS on Drupal

So… you need to write some code, in which you collect data from somewhere (user’s input, database data or an external source of some kind etc..) and display them to your Drupal website in HTML output (for example in a custom block or page).

Setup Sass on Drupal
Setup Sass on Drupal

As you may already know, Drupal on it’s own is one of the most modular open source CMS/Framework you can use, to build a website.

O'reilly Book - High Performance Drupal
Does Drupal Scale?

A common question among all members who use and employ the Drupal CMS for their www needs, is "Does Drupal scales"? And if the answer is affirmative, "How does it scale?"